Mr. K, Choral Composer In Christmas Season Concert

Mr. K, a purveyor of frivolity and seasonal mirth all year round, but most ardently at Christmas, found time to compose a Gospel Magnificat, programmed against the famous Magnificat by Bach, much to the delight of the Seattle audiences this past December. The piece, in its third staging, was enthusiastically received, many in the audience insisting that the work become a Seattle Advent tradition. We wholeheartedly agree.


Mr. K Makes Waves, Again!

Being a sketcher, I’m used to two-dimensional art, so when I heard about Saturday’s Freedom Festival organized by Arts In Motion, my head started spinning with interest.

It’s all about combining the arts, explained Denise Mimura, a French horn teacher and founder of the arts school serving more than 600 children in the Rainier Valley neighborhood. “Music is the main component but there will be spoken work, dance and visual arts symbols of freedom,” Mimura said.

The festival will feature a performance by Kent Stevenson’s choir of elementary school students. They were rehearsing a version of Duke Ellington’s “Freedom,” when I visited the school this week. “Since the Freedom Fest is a celebration of Martin Luther King and the spirit of peace and liberation, I felt this piece was ideal for the choir since it has a little swing,” he said.

After the rehearsal I complimented the kids for their performance and they were excited to see my sketch. A 10-year old girl said I did a good job drawing Stevenson’s shoes. She said she likes music because “it’s like a hobby.” Jaydon Beleford, 8, said music is his favorite thing to do in the whole world. “It helps me with my rhythm and all the stomping,” he said with a big grin.

The show is at Rainier Valley Cultural Arts Center, 3515 S. Alaska St., Saturday, January 23, at 7 p.m.

Seattle Times Article

Mr. K Entertains the Mandelas

Mr. K, no stranger to the world of celebrity and world changers, is shown here after a musical presentation with his children’s choir in a program to honor Nelson Mandela and his wife Dr. Graca Michel.

Look for Mr. K to be received by many more dignitaries as he pursues the uplifting of children through the world of Rhythm Village. Rhythm Village is everywhere, as Mr. K likes to say, wherever we decide to make the world more beautiful and creative.

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