The “Rhythm Village” segment we watched was very fun and educational. Our son, 3 1/2 years old, was immediately drawn in by the warm and irresistible music of the introduction, and my wife and I quickly noticed that its quality is levels above that of other children’s shows we’ve seen. The program itself was highly enjoyable, combining number learning with a catchy song that was easy to learn. Our son was not only singing the song later, but repeating the dialog between the children and Mr. K. He wants to go to Rhythm Village again and again, and we imagine many other kids will too!

John McLaughlin
Parent and Author


“Children in my classroom and in the school choir love Kent Stevenson’s music. They love him too, especially when he is able to accompany the choir in performances both in the school and around the city. One of Kent’s songs which is one of the choir’s favorites, is “The United States of the Blues” which I have taught to every choir since 1998.Even children as young as preschool (Head Start Program) have learned this song. Kent has a special way of making kids happy through the joy of his music?”

— Debbie Cavitt, teacher
Leschi Elementary School / Seattle
Director of the Leschi Elementary
School Choir

Kent Stevenson delivers toe-tapping tunes that delight and deliver meaningful messages to audiences of all ages. How does he do it? By drawing on the shared musical traditions of jazz, gospel, soul and samba Kent’s special blend creates songs that entertain as they teach. I’ve shared them with teachers from Kentucky to Kathmandu, and they appeal to parents and teachers as much as they do to the children that are drawn to this very special performer. Knowing Kent and his music has been a highlight of my life as a teacher, father and musician. His combination of music and message delivers the real deal. Whether teaching math with “1-2 Kangaroo”, geography with “The United States of the Blues”, or celebrating “My Sensational Skin” Kent Stevenson is the Ellington of Educational Entertainment. Enjoy!

Craig Seasholes
The Giddens School, Seattle


I have used a number of Kent Stevenson’s songs in my music teaching of preschool-5th grade. A few of my favovites are “Children of the Light,” “Where There Is Love,” and “My Little Island.” Many of the songs have a positive message which is great for the children to sing. The rhythms are catchy and infectious. Children love to sing these songs over and over, practice the lyrics, and perform them in front of the class with body movements for their classmates. When I showed the video of Children of the Light, with the children making a recording in the studio, my children’s eyes were riveted on the TV. They love to think that they are singing songs sung by these young singers as well. When I teach, I have the piano right up in front of the children and face them. That way I have good eye contact, and the children hear me singing well. The accompaniments in the book are pianistic and easy to learn.

Diane Figaro
Preschool-8th Grade General Music Teacher,
St. Catherine Catholic School
Seattle, Washington


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