Special Thanks!

We would like to thank, in no particular order, just some of the people who have helped us along the way. Much love and gratitude to all!

Alen and Petra Blake for production and editing assistance!!
John and Eileen Ryan DeRocco
Terry Gallagher
Donald and Carole Crowder King
Bert Dawson
Darin and Janeane Dawson
Bubba Jones
Jessica and Marcus Trufant
Michael Allen
Cathy and Arissa Stegman Sims
Winky, Germaine and Claire McCoy
Tim and Takako Zamberlin
Colleen Zamberlin
Jeff Santerre
Ben Klinger, Sherman Clay Piano, Seattle
Steinway Pianos
Dale Chihuly
Ishmael Major
Ricardo Major
Berny Dohrman, Craig and Chimene Holmes and all the wonderful folks at CEOSpace
K. Aslanyan
Pamela Woods and all of our friends in the Bahamas
Kaye Ward
Dubravka Plesko
Michelle Anton
Michael Bennett
Kenny O’Brien
Craig Seasholes and the Gidden School family
Kay Bullitt
St. Therese Church and School, Seattle
Marylou Colasurdo
Croatian Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA
The Seattle Dawson family
Rosa, Michelle, Sue, Malcolm, and all of our wonderful child actors.
Matt and Wanda Lincir, Larry and all our friends at Alavas Music and Alvas Showroom, San Pedro
Paul Isel, Martin and Taleen Dearcangelis, attorneys.
Lucien Fiiyer-Smith and Anne Marie Macy
Kevin O’Neal

Rhythm Village is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Jaderi Dawson, who passed from this life to the next much too (for us) early, who was so musical, who loved much and was much loved. We miss you Jaderi!



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