Rhythm Village is a place, a real place of the imagination. A place of wonder. A place of life, laughter and love. A place for kids, younger and older. A place to be one’s true self, to be loved and appreciated just for being that special creation each one is. Does such a place really exist, and, how shall we find this place? Allow this site to be your portal, with Mr. K, the village sage, some may say griot (Gree-oh ) as your guide – and he will, along the way, share with us his stories, his insights, his poetry, all embodied through the gift of song. Mr. K – with his special way of involving everyone so that they experience their own uniqueness, their own particular gifts and creativity – is the catalyst for so many wonderful undertakings and excursions into the mystery and the adventure of the everyday. For it is in the everyday, the mundane, wherein lies so much of life’s hidden treasures. So, come along, enter here into this special place. No ticket is required, but you must have an open mind and open heart – the heart of a child. Ready? Let’s go!!

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